Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fun Finds at the Traders Village Flea Market! (Video)

There are two things I really love in life - a great design find and a great deal, and Traders Village Flea Market in Texas delivers on both. Traders Village is located just outside of Dallas, Texas in the suburb of Grand Prairie and it has been ranked one of the Top 10 Flea Markets in the United States

I made the visit to Traders Village with my great friend Hina Amin, host of inspirational radio show Expressive Homes with Hina on Radio Azad. Hina and I were eager to see what this flea market has to offer and we were inspired by so many things we found while shopping. Watch our video above to see our experience at Traders Village Flea Market!

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Global Inspirations: Exploring the Culture and Beauty of Moroccan Rugs

Photo via Kelly Martin Interiors

Moroccan culture has captivated our attention with their exquisite rugs, but many people don't know much about the origins of their striking designs. Moroccan rugs were introduced into mid-century modern interiors in the 1920's, however these vivid rugs date back to the Paleolithic Era where the native people of Morocco hand-crafted them as an intrinsic part of their survival. 

Due to the harsh climates of North Africa, the Moroccan Berber tribes hand constructed the rugs to protect their families from either the frosty Atlas Mountains or the blazing Sahara Desert. Because of the different climates, tribes created various unique carpet styles. However, in most tribes the art of rug weaving was traditionally passed down from mother to daughter, and each design carried strong culturally symbolic meaning. 

The intricate geometric patterns portrayed themes of fertility, spirituality, and male protection; they also depicted the extraordinary stories of its weaver. Moroccan rugs are valued for their one-of-a-kind designs. There are over 45 different types of Moroccan rugs, but we'll be looking at three popular styles today: the Beni Ourain, the Azilal style, and the Boucherouite

Photo via MobMasker.

Beni Ourain: Nuts for Neutrals
Beni Ourain rugs come in neutral tones with dark geometric lines. These thick wool beauties can be incorporated into minimalist interiors, paired with bright furnishings, or intertwined with other lively prints. The options are endless! 

Photo via Semikah Textiles features rug style Silhouette.

Photo by Laure Joliet designed by Emily Henderson featuring home of Bri Emery.

 Azilal: Brilliantly Bold
Azilal rugs are known for their vibrant coloring and abstract patterns. The antique look of these textiles creates a beautiful contrast against modern interiors, and would also unite seamlessly with vintage decor. 

Product from Baba Souk.

Photo via My Domaine.

Boucherouite: Alluring Artistry
Boucherouite rugs were woven from different scraps of materials by Berber women, which resulted in exquisitely unique works of art. No two of these colorful creations are the same, a quality that is highly sought-after!

Photo from Lef Living.

Photo via Femina.

The true true beauty of the Moroccan rugs lie in the depth and meaning that each design carries. Every stitch holds a magnificent piece of history derived out of a rich and fascinating culture. Decorating with any of these elegant rugs will breathe life into countless interiors spaces. 

Dazzled by these Moroccan rug styles? Check out these vendors for your own little piece of Morocco:

Maroc Rug Company
Semikah Textiles
Illuminate Collective Rugs

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Fine Art Jewelry & Metal Work by Kat Cole

One of the more exciting parts of my job at Interiors by Jacquin is having the opportunity to meet so many talented artists and designers. My recent studio visit at the home of artist Kat Cole has not only re-invigorated me, but also inspired me to bring you more behind the scenes artist interviews.

You will love the work of Kat Cole. She is a fine art jewelry designer and metalsmith creating work that uniquely mirrors the built environment. You will notice inspiration from industrial surroundings blended with Cole's colorful aesthetic. 

An enjoyable time chatting with contemporary jewelry artist Kat Cole in her plant filled home. 

'Boundary Lines Loop' necklace, steel, 2017. Kat Cole.

Kat Cole is currently a full-time studio artist based in Dallas, TX and is the co-founder of Jewelry Edition. She has been a presenter at Yuma Symposium and Craft Boston, she teaches workshops nationally and has exhibited internationally. You can watch our inspirational, on-camera interview at the end of this post. 

'Built #2' necklace, steel. 2016. Kat Cole.

(Left) 'Boundary Lines Shadow' necklace, steel, enamel. 2017. Kat Cole. 
(Right) 'Urban Color #2' necklace, steel, enamel. Kat Cole.

After admiring Kat Cole's jewelry design, we turned our attention to her amazing indoor garden!

Her one-of-a-kind work is sold online and in stores at Jewelry Edition as well as other retailers. You can find a full list of Kat Cole's jewelry retailers here. I look forward to adding Kat Cole's creations to my jewelry collection in the future! 
Kat Cole's stunning broaches were my favorite! I loved the originality, colors, and movement of the metal. (Above: 'Urban Color #1' broach, steel, enamel, 2017. Kat Cole.)

'Old Well' broach, steel, enamel, found object, rubber 2015, Kat Cole.

I had a lovely time chatting with contemporary metal artist Kat Cole in her plant filled home recently. It is always a bonus when you make a fabulous artist friend at the end of an interview! Follow Kat Cole on Instagram for further contemporary art inspiration.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Entertaining with Style: Paper Ave parties with paper flowers!

It has been too long since our last Entertaining with Style feature! I am so glad to have more hosting and party inspiration for you, especially as we approach the holidays. Today creative business woman Donna Tran of Paper Ave shows us how she decorated her most recent party, a 2 year business anniversary celebration! Paper Ave is a company that sells artistically created crepe paper flowers as well as hosts fun flower making workshops. Here is a peek at her recent event. 

My name is Donna Tran-Corona and I am the artist and owner of Paper Ave, a business that specializes in colorful and cheerful handmade crepe paper flowers.  The business was officially established in October of 2015 as a side-hustle and after getting married and moving to Huntington Beach a year later, I decided to pursue the life of a creative entrepreneur full-time and what a ride it has been!

When my friend Deanna from Smoke and Brine Co. Warehouse reached out to me to teach a workshop at her new venue, we decided that it would be a ton of fun to celebrate Paper Ave's second birthday there by hosting a celebratory workshop to mark the occasion. Here's how I planned this exciting event!

Having a design background has really helped me be comfortable in working with colors and I definitely wanted to use bright colors to create a fun, colorful and festive environment. Our guests included long time college friends, new friends who I have met from past workshops (this was their 3rd one with me for a few of them!) and a few vendors who have been such a crucial support within my business. 

Each attendee at the Paper Ave workshop was provided with their own kit that included the templates, crepe paper, floral wire, vase, moss and additional supplies. Our paper flower kits are always packaged with a labor of love to make opening each kit an enjoyable experience on its own.

For party decor, a colorful bouquet with various handmade paper flowers including peonies, roses, dahlias, and little wildflowers were used as centerpieces, paired with white vases to allow the colorful flowers to pop. Custom cookies inspired by the workshop were made by Jennifer Tee based out in Irvine, CA and they were the cutest keepsake for everyone (almost too pretty to eat!).

What's a birthday party without some delicious bites and drinks along the way?  Deanna from Smoke & Brine. Co provided the most beautiful and colorful platter filled with various cheeses, fruits, and nuts and it was a perfect match with our DIY mimosa station (champagne, sparkling cider, orange juice and some fresh blueberries and raspberries). 

Loren of Four Things Paper provided the 'Gather and Graze' calligraphy signage as a beautiful backdrop for the food and drinks area. Some fresh florals and a number 2 gold balloon were used to celebrate the occasion as well. I also paired live greenery with my colorful paper flower hoops, which made a great backdrop for people to gather in front of for photos. This party was so much fun to put together and a great way to celebrate 2 years for Paper Ave!

Here are my top 10 tips for your next festive celebration:

1.  Don't be afraid to use colors!  Colors have always been an inspiration for me and I just think it can be used to create a fun, festive and happy environment!  There are many places to bring in color, from the centerpieces, decorations and food to name a few!

2. Simplicity goes a long way.  It also makes it easier for yourself, and cleaning up afterward as well!

3. Have a DIY drink station so people can control how much alcohol they'd like in their drink.  Also provide non-alcoholic alternatives.

4. When working with a colorful set of flowers for a centerpiece, use a contrasting lighter vase so that the flowers can really pop.  Wooden slabs can be used to help create levels for the various centerpieces.

5. Create name cards for guests so that groups can be seated together.

6. Decorative paper plates help provide a nice pop of color and makes clean-up a cinch as well.

7. Adding a touch of greenery by each setting makes a great decorative detail!

8. Grazing platters allow attendees to have something to nibble on throughout the event and party.  

9. Have a fun backdrop so guests have a place to take photos at. You can even assign a unique hashtag for social media so you can use it to look back on photos that your guests take!

10. Provide a fun and unique keepsake that guests can bring home with them.

Interested in having your next event or dinner party featured in our Entertaining with Style series? If so, email me with details of your event!

Paper Flowers: Paper Ave // Venue: Smoke & Brine Co. Warehouse // Grazing Platter: Smoke & Brine Co. // Calligraphy: Four Things Paper // Photography: Rachael Smith Photography // Custom Cookies: Jennifer Tee // Paper Plates: Harlow and Grey (purchased from Happily Ever Etched)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The perks of decorating with a neutral palette + color!

When decorating a home with a neutral color palette, every color introduced just seems to POP against neutral cream and white shades. This recent Atlanta Homes home tour features only one or two rich colors in each room leaving the rest of the palette neutral. I am loving the effect of this limited use of bold colors in this space. I take notice of every design element even more so than if this room was filled with bright colors. You can see a preview of this elegant home tour below designed by Kay Douglass Interiors. Truly an elegant use of color in limited doses. Expertly designed! 

Head over to the Atlanta Homes website to see the full home tour!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Interview with Global Weaving Artist Susana Negre

Tapestry weaving by Susana Negre shown in the home of Jacquin Headen. Artwork shown by Marcus Jolly.

Our Artist Spotlight today showcases weaving & textile artist Susana Negre who has sought creative inspiration across the globe, from her hometown of Barcelona, to London, Mexico, and all the way to Brazil. Susana’s goal is to blend old world techniques with new ideas to create something never seen before. She describes her work as non-traditional tapestry weaving.

Weaving artist Susana Negre of Barcelona. 

Jacquin: What attracted you to weaving as an artform?

Susana: Although I am now focused on my true passions of art and textiles, previously I worked internationally as an event/art producer. I discovered weaving in 2013, however, I think my attraction to the textiles medium began much earlier in my life. I went to Teraninya School in Barcelona where I was introduced the fascinating world of textiles. 

Through conducting weaving workshops, I decided to specialize in the artform full time. Negre textile art is inspired by art, fashion, design, architecture, interiors, culture, travel, photography, cinema and the great value of hand-making and crafting.

Jacquin: How has living in Rio de Janeiro inspired your work up to this point?

Susana: The creativity of the people, the colors of the sea, and the tropical rainforests of beautiful Rio de Janeiro have had a huge impact on me! Location and scenery have always affected my artwork. It is difficult to explain why I feel the need to travel for inspiration when my hometown of Barcelona is such a creative and beautiful city. Experiencing new cities allows me to gain fresh inspiration. I have recently relocated back to Barcelona where I am pursing my masters degree focusing on weaving & textiles. 

Susana Negre volunteers in Rio de Janeiro as she teaches a weaving workshop. 

Jacquin: Have you had the opportunity to introduce your local community to weaving in some way? What has been the best part about getting into the community with your weaving art form?

Susana: Yes! While I was living in Rio de Janeiro last year I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer for a NGO called PIPA SOCIAL run by Helena Rocha. It is a creative hub for talented people, mainly women who live in low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro, with a focus on establishing professional connections and promoting social inclusion.

Their mission is to invest in a Talent Bank of entrepreneurs working in the fields of art, crafts and fashion, helping them achieve professional qualifications, improving their ability to find work and generate income, and providing exclusive consultancy services.

My job as a volunteer was teaching tapestry weaving & creative knowledge to the beautiful and talented craftswomen, designers and artisans who were interested in learning tapestry techniques. We met once a week where we collectively created a small collection of different items such small handbags, scarves, and miniature tapestries for home decorating, We used the traditional tapestry techniques to develop their crafting and design skills, then allowing them to apply their own unique style. We had a goal to help them to generate new products and income for themselves through sales. It was truly a privilege for me to be able to share my time and knowledge with everyone.

“It's something about the colors and textures in textiles that inspires me. It is almost like I didn’t choose textiles, but instead I think it chose me.” -Susana Negre
Jacquin: Tell us about your process creating a tapestry weaving. 

Susana: My working process is very intuitive. In fact, I have never drawn my weaving designs in advance. I refrain from thinking, and allow my creativity to find its way. However, I do have a very clear idea of the materials, textures and colors I want to use before starting a weaving. My designs are heavily textured with vivid colors. Most notably, my textiles are always handwoven, combining traditional handcrafted techniques of knotting and weaving. 

The interpretation of my work I leave up to the viewer. There is a different quality of something that is hand crafted rather than machine made. My work is still emerging, and I want to keep pushing myself to create something unusual. In some senses, my work is growing with me. In terms of the process, it is difficult to say how long it takes. It can take me from just one day to up to 6 month to create a large piece; it always depends on the size of the work and the time I have to weave.

Jacquin: Are there any weaving projects that you are eager to try in the future?

Susana: I would love to get involved in an international project, working with local textile artists worldwide. I would also like to continue doing social projects worldwide. 

Learn more about Susana Negre and her artwork here Niche beauty destination

Monday, October 23, 2017

5 Creative Ways to Use Wall Sconces

Photo via Brabbu featuring Newton Wall Sconces 

The impact that light fixtures have on a space is often underrated! Sconces are a particularly an underappreciated hero of lighting. They are diverse, and can be dramatic or subtle. The symmetry created by sconces can completely refine a space. Using sconces as a light fixture can frame, highlight, or be its own piece of art in any space. This blog post will show five (creative) ways to use sconces in your own home! 

Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom via of The Every Girl 

#1 - Use wall sconces in the bedroom: 
There is a sconce for every style bedroom. Sconces can be feminine and elegant like the ones in Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom above. In contrast, sconces can also fit a modern and industrial space like the ones pictured below by Restoration Hardware. A sconce on each side of the bed elevates the typical bedside table aesthetic, introducing great symmetry while working well as reading light also! 

#2 - Use wall sconces outdoors:
Sconces can be used in various different outdoor contexts. Two sconces in an entryway add a symmetrical lighting and decorative element to a front door. Sconces can also create ambiance in a backyard outdoor entertaining space. A great way to add detail to a garage area is through sconces. The fixtures are decorative and practical in outdoor spaces. 

Photo via Ronique Gibson of Stagetecture

#3 - Use wall sconces to frame artwork:
Sconces can add dimension to wall art and gallery walls! Your sconces can even pull together the colors around the art to create a cohesive space. For example, the scones below pick up the gold accents of the room, making the photograph pop! 

#4 - Use wall sconces for bathroom lighting:
Sconces in a bathroom can either be very fluid and subtle, or they can make a statement. Brass sconces create a bold and modern look in a bathroom, especially against the usual clean colors of a bathroom such as blues, grays and whites. They bring life and a contemporary touch to a neutral space.

Photo via of Blog Lovin’

Image via New Ravenna Mosaics

#5 - Use statement wall sconces as their own works of art:
There are so many amazing sconces out there that can hold their own as a statement decorative element in a room. With creative variations of sconces available like the Jonathan Adler Puzzle Sconce below, you can easily bring an art-deco elements to your space or go for another statement making sconce design. 

Photo of Jonathan Adler Puzzle Scones in Actress Shay Mitchell’s Home in Architectural Digest

1. Art Craft Bronze Wall Sconce - Jasper Park
2. Rio Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce - Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey
3. Puzzle Sconce - Jonathan Adler
4. Silver "Twig" 2-Light Wall Sconce - Global Views

Puzzle Sconce by Jonathan Adler - $695

Article by Layne Wolfington, Interiors by Jacquin intern.