Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Demystifying the Auction Process - with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

A sneak peek of Leslie Hindman Auctioneer's upcoming Modern Design auction.

I have been curious about the world of auction houses for some time now, so when I had the opportunity to chat with the team behind Leslie Hindman Auctioneers I was eager to learn more. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is one of the nation’s foremost fine art auction houses. With more salerooms in the United States than any other auction house, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers conducts over 60 auctions annually in categories such as fine jewelry and timepieces, furniture, contemporary art, 20th century design, rare books, decorative arts and more. 

Read on for my interview with Corbin Horn, a Leslie Hindman auctioneer and expert on antiques, fine furniture, and decorative arts.

Antique expert Corbin Horn of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Jacquin: With Leslie Hindman Auctioneers providing amazing opportunities for sourcing one-of-a-kind additions for the home, it's important that design lovers know how to engage in the auction process. What do individuals new to participating in auctions need to know?

Corbin: New buyers at auction should know that while the bidding process can seem intimidating, it is actually pretty simple. Anyone can register for one of our auctions online and follow the sale live, clicking a button to place a bid. 

People can also leave absentee bids in their online accounts or by submitting a form ahead of the auction. This is a more hands-off approach where you determine what you're willing to pay for something in advance. You’ll get an email after the sale, no matter how you bid, outlining what you have won, how to pay and how to get the property shipped. 

One of the most important things to remember about buying at auction is that all auction houses charge a buyer’s premium. This means that a certain percentage is added to the “hammer price” or what an items sells for during the live auction. Remember this when determining how much you are willing to bid on something. 

The work pictured is from the home of renowned collector Mary Griggs Burke. 

Jacquin: What is the average day like for you working on the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers team?

Corbin: Working at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is never dull because we never know what we’ll see from day to day. If we aren’t traveling to appraise a collection or a single item, we’re in the office researching and evaluating consigned objects, building our auctions and selling on the phone or via e-mail to eccentric collectors all over the world.

As a result of the firm’s outstanding reputation, it was acquired by Sotheby’s in 1997. Since reopening in 2003, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers has handled the Estates of Lilly Pulitzer, Leona Helmsley, the Gary Pepper collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia and more.
Jacquin: What type of items can interior design lovers expect to find at Leslie Hindman's Auctioneers? What has been two of your most notable home decor and furniture sales this year?

Corbin: Our Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts department really offers a bit of everything, and you know that you are buying something historic and one-of-a-kind. We have both traditional 17th – 19th century furniture along with an entire department devoted to modern design. Within these categories you can expect to find furniture, decorative objects, paintings, silver, mirrors, rugs, lighting fixtures and antiquities from Greco-Roman and Middle Eastern civilizations. 

In March of this year we held a very fun auction of the David and Gail McRorie collection. The McRories had homes in the mountains, at the beach and in the city, and they filled each home with d├ęcor to suit the spirit of the region. We sold everything from Italian furniture to antique Serapi rugs. 

We are so excited to announce that in 2018, we will be selling the contents of Villa Massei, a hunting lodge near Lucca, Italy that was built by the Counts Sinibaldi around 1500. The house’s gardens have been meticulously recreated in correct Renaissance style by the consignors with whom we are working.

Jacquin: How did you become interested in a career working with auctions and antiques?

Corbin: I have always been interested in antiques, history and material culture. The auction business is a perfect parallel between those studies and interior design. 

Jacquin: Are there any distinctions people need to know regarding participating in your auctions online versus in-person?

Corbin: Things have really changed as the industry globalizes, like most everything else. We have just as many people, if not more, participating online and via phone as there are in the auction room. That being said, it’s still exciting to be at a live auction and the floor is given priority when multiple bidders are bidding at the same time. However, the convenience of bidding remotely keeps many people on the phone and plugged in online. There is always something going on. You can view upcoming events and auctions on

Monday, October 2, 2017

Touring the Dallas Decorators Showhouse... and it's bold!

I had the pleasure of attending the Dallas Decorator's Showhouse's PRESS Preview last week and I was beyond impressed! This year's showhouse was located in Southlake, TX and sponsored by Donna Moss and Traditional Home magazine. The designs showcased here are truly bold. I also had the pleasure to interview designer Scot Meacham Wood. Watch the video below to see this luxurious show home!

Video production & editing - Stephanie Alleva-Cornell

I loved the range of styles present at the Dallas Decorators Showhouse! The home transitioned seamlessly from the bold entryway with graphic wall paper (shown above), to the more traditional spaces like the bedroom below, which you'll note still features fun patterns. The upholstery choices were all so unique. Definitely a lot of inspiration to consider. 

Artwork by Lindsay Cowles

As far as the details are concerned, the Dallas Decorators Showhouse designers certainly didn't miss any opportunities to make a big statement. I was truly elated by this staircase nook, which featured bold stairwells, bold chandeliers, and even bolder wallpaper. Just another illustration proving that sometimes more, really is more!

The outdoor space at the Dallas Decorators Showhouse was just as impressive as the interior. The outside decor was colorful and lush with a lot of surprising elements. Did you catch the butterfly patterned fabric on the outdoor curtains? And below you'll see an oversized butterfly and branch installation that you really have to see for yourself to believe. Check it out  below! 

Besides the luxurious pool, my favorite design element in the outdoor space was the colorful tablescape. There were multi-colored glass place settings with pressed flowers inside the glass. Truly unique. Sadly I wasn't able to learn who designs these amazing plates. Any one know? If so, write in below. I'd be so thankful to be able to buy a set of these unique plates for myself!

Photography credit: Stephanie Alleva-Cornell

Learn more about the Dallas Decorators Showhouse and the designers who teamed up to decorate this luxurious space at the website here. A portion of the proceeds from the public home tours and gala event went toward supporting the Alzheimer's Association. Looking forward to next year's event!


Friday, September 29, 2017

Luxurious leather walls from Studioart Italy - A must see!

"Frammenti" collection, Studioart leather interiors.

Every now and then I learn of interior design elements that truly excite me. The leather wall treatments created by Italy-based company Studioart have succeeded in peaking my interest. When it comes to leather and wall treatments, Studioart's creativity is truly unmatched. 

"Frammenti" collection, Studioart leather interiors.

Their "Frammenti" collection showcased above is a classic selection that would go well in a range of spaces. Many of Studioart's leather wall collections allow you to choose which direction you would like their patterns to appear in, allowing you to achieve your preferred aesthetic. 

And how gorgeous is their violet, leather statement wall from their "Hyperreal" collection?! 

"Hyperreal" collection, Studioart leather interiors. 

Frammenti collection, Studioart leather interiors.

I am impressed and inspired by each of Studioart's collections, but the Frammenti collection of leather interiors are my favorite. The rich camel color is so versatile and the pattern is truly mesmerizing.
Frammenti shows irregularity through an apparently random pattern made of six different shapes. Ever-changing shapes explore the full potential of leather presenting a collection that expertly mixes and matches different leathers, forms, and chromatic proposals.
The Anniversary Collection, Studioart leather interiors.

For Studioart's 10 year anniversary, the company released a showstopping Anniversary Collection. This collection features gold & pink leather triangular shapes that are combined to create this original wall treatment. 

Studioart's stunning leather wall treatments are equally unique and luxurious. This is definitely a brand that I look forward to following and working with in the future.

"Kaleido" collection, Studioart leather interiors.

Losange collection, style Lumiere. Photo by @pierogemelli, Styling Beatrice Rossetti, Studioart leather interiors. 

If you're inspired by these luxurious leather walls, visit Studioart's website for more information. There are so many unique designs to consider!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Designer Spotlight: Creating Textiles from Marine Ghost Netting

When I learned of the work of textile designer Carmen Machado, I was immediately drawn to the unique textures and bright colors in her furniture designs. I was even more impressed to learn that Carmen's work is improving our beaches and waterways by retrieving and utilizing abandoned marine netting. Carmen Machado's  environmental efforts and contemporary outdoor furniture designs absolutely deserve the spotlight. Continue on to read our recent chat!

Jacquin: Did you enter into art school knowing that you wanted to focus on textiles? How did this interest come about?

Carmen: Yes, growing up I was always interested in textiles. My father had a carpet store where he imported all types of beautiful carpets from around the world. I took my first weaving class while pursuing my Bachelors in Fine Arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and this is where I decided to focus on learning to weave experimentally and on different types of looms.

Jacquin: Many readers may not be familiar with the impact of abandoned fishing nets in the oceans. It's actually a very serious environmental issue. How did you become aware of this issue? What made you decide to address this issue through textiles and design?

Carmen: I grew up on the coast in Puerto Rico and would regularly find stranded pieces of tangled fishing line and rope washing up on the shore near my home. In 2011, I started picking up and collecting things I found, mostly out of curiosity and interest in the sun bleached and vivid colours the netting came in. This led to me researching into overfishing and reading about how large of an environmental issue this is and the deadly effects it has on marine life. I decided to pursue my interest more seriously, combining my love for weaving with this environmental issue. I am currently pursuing a Masters on this topic at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

I grew up on the coast in Puerto Rico and would regularly find stranded pieces of tangled fishing line and rope washing up on the shore near my home. In 2011, I started picking up and collecting things I found...
Jacquin: What came first? The general idea to use recycled fishing net and recycled materials -or- your idea for the specific furniture design used in your stunning chairs? Also, tell us about the concept for your recent chair designs?

Carmen: Once I refined my textile designs to incorporate found ghost netting I began thinking about ways to use the final woven material. As it is 100% plastic I naturally thought it would be well suited to be used outdoors. I wanted to make a sustainable product and like the concept of taking the materials from being outside on the beach, then repurposing them into something a person will again value and put it back outside. I have a big interest in interior design and furniture, particularly Danish design. 

Jacquin: How do you go about continuing to source and retrieve dangerous, abandoned netting from the ocean?

Carmen: I regularly visit the coasts here in England and Wales. My family also actively beach cleans in Puerto Rico. I have quite a few beaches that I revisit often because I know I will sadly always find tons of washed up gear on them.

Jacquin: What would be a dream project for you involving both textiles and recycled fishing net (or other recycled materials)?

Carmen: Long term I want to scale up the amount of fishing line/netting that I am retrieving off of our coasts and the amount of fabric I am able to produce. Another dream project would involve designing fabric/furniture for the interiors of an eco resort. I would like to get involved with more Marine Conservation groups and see if I can incorporate my work into their offices. 

Jacquin: Have you been able to find a community of like designers interested in working with recycled materials? How can readers help your cause and support healthier wildlife and waterways? 

Carmen: Yes, I have found a wonderful group of people through Instagram- @2MinuteBeachClean, they are big advocates for doing regular beach cleanups and are always showcasing the work of designers who work with marine waste materials. I have made a few connections through this group who send me parcels with their finds! 

As for what people can do to support healthier waterways... Apart from every individual doing their own part to clean up our coast lines, I recommend cutting single use plastics out of your life as much as you can. It makes a huge difference! 

Visit for the latest information on her textiles and furniture designs. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

DIY Architectural-Style Floral Arrangement - Video tutorial!

Exciting news!! I've been busy working behind the scenes to bring you a new VIDEO SERIES! Interiors by Jacquin blog will now present an inspirational video post once a week. These videos will range from sharing home decor tutorials, to behind the scenes at events and showcasing studio visits with artists & designers. Our very first video will show you how to create a gorgeous floral arrangement at home. This particular floral arrangement has a unique architectural look that we achieved with a combination of flowers from the grocery store and with branches from the backyard. It's really that easy, and now you can learn how to create this chic style of floral arrangement for yourself! 

Thank you to Ambra Portillo of Query Events for joining me in this video tutorial and lending her expert knowledge. With Ambra's floral expertise and assistance, I am definitely feeling more confident with my floral arranging skills. Ambra is a floral designer and owner of Query Events based in Ft. Worth, TX. Here is our tutorial on creating your own architectural-style floral arrangement at home. We hope it inspires you!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

IMAESTRI - your luxury furniture destination

One of my favorite resources for impeccably designed furniture and decor is luxury furnishings company, IMAESTRI. Their online marketplace curates a selection from some of the finest artisans creating today. Most notably, IMAESTRI has an amazing selection of truly bold and unique furniture, while also housing a large selection of beautifully simple, yet expertly crafted furnishings. If you're new to this brand, prepare to be hooked! IMAESTRI manages to wow me time and again without fail. Everything is absolutely stunning! 

Aurora Armchair - Imaestri

The rose gold Aurora Armchair (above) is my favorite IMAESTRI piece right now. It screams luxury and has a strong architectural feel to it. This just made my wish list!

Louis XV Armchair - Imaestri

When I say that IMAESTRI's selection is unique, their upholstered "marble" armchair and love seat are great examples. I'm also loving IMAESTRI's wood Vela chair shown below. It's carved wood design evokes a relaxing, Asian zen feel, which I always welcome. 

Vela Chair - Imaestri

Aurora Chair - Imaestri

Left: Minimal Wash Basin, Right: Duo BM Wash Basin - Imaestri

Arne XV - Imaestri

Inkstone 04 Wash Basin - Imaestri

Aurora Chair - Imaestri

I hope you're as impressed with IMAESTRI's furnishings as I am. There is so much more on their website worth checking out. I'll leave you with this beautifully designed rose gold chair, fit for the most discerning design enthusiast.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Ultimate Relaxation GIVEAWAY!

As we transition into Fall I'm finding myself becoming incredibly busy and sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything. If you're like me, then it's likely time to take some time to relax! Relaxing doesn't necessarily mean going on vacation, but it could mean simply adding 30 minutes to your day for rest and relaxation at home. If you have the right tools then a short 30 minutes of relaxation can be truly groundbreaking. HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET FOR HELPING YOU TO RELAX AT HOME... and I'm giving them away to one lucky reader in this week's contest!


(1) Koke'e Island Ambiance Reed Diffuser - Malie Organics 
Transform your space into a tropical paradise with the exotic aromas of the Islands as the delicate reeds allow the subtle release of these beautiful scents. Relax, indulge and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hawaiian aromatherapy.

Pure Soothing Comfort Mist is a heavenly blend formulated by our meditation gurus. A light, clean mist infused with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils that promote feelings of peace and soothe the soul. Definitely the most tranquil of their aromatherapy mists. Crafted from pure essential oils and botanicals.

(3)  Koke'e Hand Soap - Malie Organics
Enjoy a small touch of indulgence in your daily life with Malie’s luxurious organic hand soap. Cleanse naturally with awapuhi extract, while moisturizing and nourishing dry skin with organic aloe. Offering the naturally hydrating and therapeutic benefits of our pure Hawaiian Hydrosols.

(4) Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage - Zyllion 
This powerful, deep-kneading shiatsu massager relaxes overused and tight muscles with an advanced heating function to further soothe. This device can be attached to a chair for further convenience.

(5) 'Ciao Bella' sleep mask - Sleepy Cottage
Ciao Bella! A favorite Italian greeting for that special someone. Made from blush satin with black embroidery with a strap that won't slip while you sleep!

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